Everyone has the obligation to protect our environment and the Earth. We try not to waste any energy. We will use products with recycled contents. We use less plastic bags. And we will also use products which are biodegradable. When it comes to your wedding, you may have a thought that the wedding should not spoil our environment. The followings are some issues you will need to consider if you are planning to hold a wedding that is more environmental friendly.

The Food

There is no doubt that you will need to prepare some food in your wedding. Even if you are not going to hold a wedding reception, you will still need to prepare some kinds of refreshments for your guests. You can try to prepare organic food for your guests. When you are ordering the wedding cake, you can request all fruits used are organic (if you are ordering a fruit cake). Using berry pies with organic berries as a substitute for the cake can also be a good idea.

One of the problem of a wedding reception in terms of environmental protection is the waste. Normally a lot of food will be just thrown to the rubbish bins after the reception. As advised by all the other experts (both in the field of weddings and environmental protection), you can donate the left over. In fact donating the left over is very popular nowadays. This does not only protect the environment but also help the others who really need the food.

The Invitations

For your wedding invitations, you should try to eliminate all the unnecessary items. For example, you can send your save the date note via email. Besides, you can try to use paper with recycled contents so that your wedding invitations become more environmental friendly.

The Wedding Dresses

In terms of the issue of environmental friendly, the best way is to rent the gown or buy a used one instead of buying new ones. However, if you decide to buy a new gown, you can buy a gown which is made of organic cotton. You can do a little research on organic cotton by on the internet before you make your decision.

The Wedding Transport

You can try to eliminate all the unnecessary transports. Less transport means spending less gas and energy. It also renders less air pollution to the environment. You can group all the guests together and prepare mass transport for all of them. This is always a good way.

You can also consider holding the ceremony and the reception in the same location or venue. This is even more relevant if you are going to hold a beach wedding. And there are two advantages for this. When you hold the ceremony and the reception at the same location, you can minimize the transportation involved and as discussed before, this is more environmental friendly. Secondly, less transport means more time for you and your guests to be together. And thus you can spend more time on sharing your every sweet and romantic moment with your guests.

The above are only some of the issues you may consider for your green wedding. You should use your imagination so that your wedding can be more environmental friendly.



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